Let's Go Diving!

Reef Riders prides itself in sharing our love of sea life and the beauties of the other 70% of the world that so few people get experience. Cozumel is home to some beautiful reefs (Cedral and Palancar are some of our favorites). We are always looking for the best dive based on conditions and skill level of our groups. We don’t want the closest dive site, we want the best one! Lucky for you our twin engine powered boat can get to just about any site in 30 minutes. No big and slow boats here!

Boat Diving
2 Tank
$ 95-105
  • Pricing for 1-2 Trips $105
  • Pricing for 3-4 Trips $100
  • Pricing for 5+ Trips $95
  • Includes all taxes and fees
  • Morning & Afternoon trips
Night Dive
1 Tank
$ 60
  • Includes all taxes and fees
  • 6:30pm Departure
  • Ocotopus, Shrimp, and
    Custraceans, oh my!
Custom Trip
2 Tank
$  ?
  • Want to design a custom trip?
  • We can make it happen!
  • Morning & Afternoon trips
  • Contact us and tell us what
    you want to do.