Diving with Reef Riders is longer bottom times. small group diving. family owned and operated. a better dive experience!

Reef Riders is led by owner operator Ramon Escalante who has lived on the island of Cozumel since he was a child. Ever the professional, he leads enjoyable and safe dives. He is a PADI Dive Instructor and instructs under both PADI and SSI certification agencies.

After your first dive trip, or first training, you will see why people continue to request him visit after visit to the island. Finding a dive leader that enjoys the dive and always is looking for a ‘great’ dive is a little bit like finding those elusive reef sharks…they are there, and when you find them it is amazing!

He has trained children as young as 10 for open water certification. Being a father of two young girls Catalina and Romina probably helps. He cannot wait to get them in the water.

Whether you are a skilled diver or a nervous new diver, you will find a lot to enjoy diving Ramon and Ramon’s Reef Riders!