How do I book with Reef Riders?

When you book yourself, Reef Riders pays the credit card processing fees. You save us time, we save you money. If you book yourself you save 3% and you get the same multi-day discounts.  Under “Tours” choose the type of activity you want to do. Example, for a 2 Tank Dive you will click “Book It” and you will be shown a calendar with available dates, spaces, and times.

  1. Select the date, time, and participant count. Click “Book It”. This slot will be added to your cart.
  2. Do the same thing if you are adding another tour on a different date/time.
  3. At checkout you will be asked to pay for your tours via credit card. You will be paying via credit card for all your tours but our cancellation/refund policy is pretty easy–refund policy. But the short of it is:
    • Tours are fully refundable with a 24 hour notice. Private charters require a week notice for 100% refund, 50% refund when given a 24 hour notice. If a port closure prevents your tour or charter they are fully refundable.
    • Even inside these cancellation windows we will do all we can to fill your spots to be able to refund all or part of your money.

The clear water and abundant sea life make Cozumel an absolutely beautiful experience and we look forward to having an amazing water adventure with you!