Our Story...

The Reef Riders story is actually my story (Ramon EM).

I am a Cozumel local, raised on the island since I was a child. My parents moved to the island 40 years ago (yes, it was a much different place then) and started their family. I have spent a lot of time in the water. It has been a wonderful opportunity to be raised in Cozumel and have so many water adventures at my disposal.

In February 2014, I started working at a dive shop and I didn’t know much about diving. I had my Open Water certification and I had barely done any diving. I had 18 dives and I knew that it was the activity that I enjoyed the most in life. Finding this job was the perfect opportunity to learn more, and dive more. I was a young man looking for more adventure. The Blue Angel was kind enough to help me get certified to lead dives.
In the Summer of 2023, 9 years later and still diving with the same shop, I met 3 divers and it was the first time I had gone diving with them. I saw the emotion on their face. They knew something good was coming. I asked them which site they would like to visit, and they let me choose… Palancar Bricks, one of my favorites. In a few words it was a spectacular dive. One of those sites you already know, the right current, unbeatable visibility, marine life, peace. We shared stories, delicious fruit, and prepared to dive again. Diving as it should be.
On the way back I thought about how many things have changed in me, as a diver and as a person. I have reached a professional level. I am the diving instructor that I wanted to be. I have had the joy of teaching hundreds of new divers about the ocean. I have led 1,000’s of dives. I have been able to share knowledge, and I have helped others achieve their goals as advanced divers and professional divers. In return they have helped me achieve my goals and I have learned a lot from my diving friends. Beyond diving, I have also learned to enjoy life more. I have made mistakes and learned from them. So many things have happened and I think life has more positive things compared to the negative ones. In the end everything is a lesson and we must always remember that.
What a great day I had, the emotion of doing something that I enjoy and sharing a great dive with these divers and their reactions when surfacing the water fill me with satisfaction. I didn’t know that was my last day working there…it came as a surprise accompanied with a wall of worry. I had some weeks and months to reflect, stay humble and serene, and think about what would be next. Unexpected changes are sometimes the most necessary. This unexpected change started an adventure in something I wasn’t quite sure I would ever have the opportunity to do–own and operate my own dive business. It has been a lot of work, a lot of stress, but it has sure been worth it! I am thrilled to be an owner and operator of Reef Riders!

-Ramon EM