Discover Scuba 1 Tank Shore


Are you ready to test the waters? This activity is for non-certified divers that are not yet ready to commit to getting certified. A dive instructor will teach some basic skills on land, do those same skills with you in shallow water, and then explore the beautiful sea life from a shore dive.

The Discover Scuba program includes:

  • Explanations of do’s and don’ts
  • Basic water skills practice
  • All scuba equipment
  • Materials

Land education and shore diving for this course is approximately 4 hours.

Full disclosure: Buyer beware. Our instructor is really really good, and you will find yourself wanting full certification. Soon all your vacation time and money will be spent on diving! We have experience taking the hard ‘no’ person in a relationship regarding diving (never want to dive) to an enthusiastic ‘yes’.

Minimum age is 10 years old. Shore dive and introductory training take place at Tikila Beach