Discover Scuba 2 Tank Boat Dive


This activity is for non-certified divers that have already done a discover scuba lesson with us or another dive operator on a previous trip. You will join your dive instructor on a 2 tank boat dive at appropriate dive sites. Includes all needed gear.

If you have a group of certified and discover scuba divers we can customize the activity so that the instructor does discover scuba training during the first tank in a shallow beach area near a dive site the certified divers are diving. The discover scuba divers can then join everyone else on the 2nd dive.

Full disclosure: Buyer beware. Our instructor is really really good, and you will find yourself wanting full certification. Soon all your vacation time and money will be spent on diving! We have experience taking the hard ‘no’ person in a relationship regarding diving (never want to dive) to an enthusiastic ‘yes’.

Minimum age is 10 years old.