Open Water Certification (SSI)


Get your Open Water certification through Reef Riders. The certification is for life, and can be completed in two days in the beautiful and clear water of Cozumel. This is the first level of recreational scuba diving. We recommend doing the e-learning (this is the least expensive option as well) with Scuba School International (SSI).

Time requirement: 2-3 days
Certification can be completed in 2 days for someone really comfortable in the water and ocean, but ideally you should plan for 3 days. Completing the e-learning options beforehand is helpful.

Cost includes e-learning materials, instructor, equipment, and open water dives. You will complete 4 dives as part of your certification:

  • 2 dives will be performed from a beach entry.
  • 2 dives will be performed from a boat at an appropriate dive site.

Getting your diver certification opens up a whole new world of vacation destinations and beautiful areas that are only seen by divers.